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  • Concrete (slump, air content, compressive strength, et al.)
  • Footer/Foundation Subgrade Inspection
  • Concrete Cracking & Aggregate Popping
  • Masonry ​(mortar & grout compressive strength, brick, et al.)
  • In-situ Concrete (Windsor probe, Schmidt Hammer, et al.)
  • Compaction/Optimum Moisture Content
  • Steel Inspection (welds inspection,  bolt tension, et al.)
  • Asphalt (mix design, marshall, bulk gravity, et al.)
  • Aggregate (sieve, soundness, specific gravity, et al.)

Our materials testing and evaluation services include:


Our team of engineering technicians are readily available to provide you with construction material testing for your project.  Our technicians are trained to perform a majority of your materials testing needs and hold various qualifications and certifications with A.C.I., A.A.S.H.T.O., A.W.S., N.I.C.E.T., along with many others to assure all field and laboratory testing is completed in accordance with ASTM or AASHTO procedures.  In the field, our technicians maintain open communication with the contractor and all persons involved to help assure that the best possible product is provided for your project.  

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